Time and Technology – We Need to Take Charge!

We need to ask ourselves one important question every single time we reach for another “technology fix”: Do I really need this?

We’ve been told that technology will save us time. Why, then, do people feel they have less time than ever before? Because they do!

That’s right – they have less time than ever before despite cell phones, text messaging, computers and a host of other gadgets available to us today. Why? Because people are not in charge of their time. They believe the “hype” that this gadget will save us time and that software will organize us and that new iPhone will keep everything at our fingertips. Does it? Yes and no. We do have our emails wherever we go and the internet and call functions. What does it cost to have all of this to use wherever we go?

It costs a lot of time! Not to mention the money and added stress of always “being on deck” every minute of every day. If you feel you have no time, track the amount of time you are spending chasing the latest technology. You’ll be amazed how much time you spend finding it and learning how to use it before you can actually use it.

For instance, Twitter is now the rage as is Facebook. Facebook is amazingly difficult passed the bare bones minimum and they don’t answer emails either when there’s a problem.

I wanted to master at least one of these social media sites and learn to use it well. I chose Twitter.

There are a ton of applications related to Twitter – it’s not enough just to tweet! I have just read an excellent eBook and listened to a few videos in the last couple of days only about Twitter. Here are some of the applications I found just in those two sources: listorious, twittas, bit.ly manage my tweets, Twellow, socialoomph, twitbacks, twiveaway, twitter feed, buzzom, bettween, pingfm, etc.

How can any one person who has a job, home life, friends, a health program and me time possibly ever learn each one of these plus tweet plus do Facebook plus text plus phone plus use the computer for other things – where will the time come from? Are these application any good? Sure – each one has a particular purpose but together they chew up a lot of time.

It’s abundantly clear that we have to start taking charge of our time! We must start asking ourselves what we really need and only then find the gadget to fill that need. One person I know recently threw out his television. His comment was, “I’m happy to get my life back”. I think the same applies to all the other gadgets – we need to “take our lives back” and live – get out in nature, meet with friends at the coffee shop without our cell phones going off, play with kids, take time to reflect on our lives, create some plans for our lives and all other things which will reconnect us with ourselves, our friends and families and our “live” community “next door”. Another person I know returned her cell phone. She now has a pay-as-you-go phone. She has saved herself a lot of money every month and yet has the phone in case of emergencies or should she need to call someone – the keyword there is “need”. She has the less expensive landline at home with an answering machine.

Every time we are tempted to go after another application, another cell phone, another piece of software or hardware, let’s realize the amount of time it will take to learn it and use it – is it worth it? What will we have to give up to introduce this new thing into our lives? When it comes to time and technology, we must, if we are to reduce our stress and add more pleasure to our lives, take charge of our time.

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Surveillance Gadgets and Their Increasing Popularity

Surveillance is an act where a subject is kept under observation using hidden means. Long ago spy agents were hired to carry out a spy mission. In those days, spy or surveillance gadgets were mere instruments that were used due to their technical implications. Earlier spies had limited options, to carry out the spy mission successfully without getting caught, such as cassette recorders or compact cameras that had to be cleverly concealed. Nowadays, compact and nearly unnoticeable surveillance gadgets have been introduced in the market. Today, spies are known to carry high end technology gadgets. This gives them convenience to perform their mission successfully without the fear of catching the subject’s attention. Earlier spying was all about the agents while now it all about the gadgets.

These days, surveillance gadgets can take the shape of anything imaginable with the purpose of getting camouflaged in the surroundings. These could be seen as any ordinary day to day tools such as pens, IDs and accessories like rings and bracelets. There are some extremely interesting cameras and gadgets that are a real hit amongst the spies and security agents. Nanny cameras, barking dog alarm, Wireless alarm system, and phone recorders are worth mentioning when it comes to intriguing inventions in the field of surveillance.

With the ever increasing popularity of surveillance gadgets, there costs were gradually reduced to a great level. This made them accessible to the general mass. While these devices can be used to bring out some important and crucial revelations, they can even create a nuisance for innocent people. These days, many people are misusing these equipments by installing them in trial rooms, hotel rooms, or other such public places. This can easily invade a person’s privacy and make his personal moments an open secret. One should always be attentive and careful while visiting any suspicious environment that could be easily used for such menacing acts. We must be aware of the fact that today anyone can monitor our movements at any place.

The latest surveillance gadgets are simple to use and this feature makes them a craze amongst common people as well which wins a bigger chunk of market share for such devices. Today’s spies are extremely dependent on these gadgets that without them they might not be able to finish the given task successfully. No doubt, the spy or security agents are still equipped with trade craft skills; however, they certainly require some technological help in their tasks.

Due to their ever increasing demands surveillance gadgets are very easily available in the market. This has also led to their price reduction. They are available in many styles and forms with various features to suit your requirements. These gadgets can be purchased online through a web retailer. After doing a deep research on the kind of gadget and the history of the retailer, one can find a device suitable for his requirements. However, one must ensure to use such equipments for the welfare of people and not to harm their lives.



Why Electronics and Technology Are Important

People today live in a world that relies greatly on electronics and gadgets to make our everyday activities easier and faster. Most of us could not fathom what life we be like without computers, cell phones, iPods, televisions, or electronic toys. Over the years, technology has continued to advance, improving the quality of life for people who use electronics and gadgets to make their lives more convenient.

When we wake up in the morning, we are often greeted by our alarm clocks. How many people would be late for work if they had to rely on their internal body clocks to wake them up at the same exact time every weekday morning? Once up and out of our bed some people may enjoy a cup of coffee or espresso from the convenience of their own kitchen coffee making appliance. Others may head to the bathroom to start getting ready for the day. This may include using a hair dryer or curlers to style their hair, or maybe an iron to de-wrinkle their clothes. All the while, people may be catching up on the day’s news by watching their local news station on television. All this use of technology and electronics and they haven’t even left for work yet!

The list goes on and on. The advancement of technology has allowed us to enjoy our favorite music while we exercise via the use of an MP3 player, warm our food in seconds with the convenience of microwaves, and even read our emails from anywhere in the world with the use of smart phones and laptops. This is just the tip of the iceberg. While most people understand that electronics and gadgets are important, they don’t take the time to really comprehend just how much we use this type of technology in all aspects of life. Certain electronics and equipment have made medical procedures easier, not to mention just plain possible. Life expectancies have increased with the advancement in technology and suffering has lessened due to the invention of medical equipment and technologies.

Whether it’s the coolest new GPS gadget to help you located and get to your favorite vacation destination along with every restaurant, store, and gas station in the area, or the newest sonar machine that can allow a doctor to see any possible development issues with a mother’s unborn baby, technology and electronics means more to us than we can realize. New products are developed every single day and the more people shop for fun gadgets and electronics, the easier and more fun life will become!


Gadgets and Gizmos

Buying the latest gadgets and gizmos is one of those major highs for the techno savvy that has few parallels. In particular if they are high tech gadgets or computer gadgets. The mere announcement of the tablet display, sized at 7″, by Apple has all computer aficionados in a whirl. The screen of this new device is practically the size of the gizmo itself. All in all as far as high tech gadgets go, this one promises to be a delectable blend of design and ingenuity.

Those hooked on acquiring the latest gadgets and gizmos, and who feel that Nook, Kindle and the like are old hat, now can revel in the world’s first dual screen device – the enTourage eDGe. It combines a notepad, notebook, e-reader, and video/audio recorder and player in one Linux with Google Android OS device. What does it do? Much of what you might want to at any given time – web surf, read an e-book, get email, watch movies or listen to music from anywhere.

Essentially this is a student-friendly device aimed at freeing them from carrying books and notebooks. Since it is first and foremost an e-reader, the glare-free screen, zooming features, and the ability for a person to read in sunlight make it a particularly desirable gizmo. There is a journal page that can be opened and used by hand or with the help of a virtual keyboard – very useful for taking notes. This feature is enabled by e-ink technology, which further allows people to make notes on the book they are reading.

If latest computer gadgets are what you are hooked on, there are quite a few in the market just now. The Lenovo Multimedia Remote with 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard comes in a compact style. Once connected, this multimedia remote can be used for using multimedia controls on the PC like with Windows Media Center. There is also the Bear Extender n3 which Rokland Technologies has recently rolled out. It is a long-range 802.11n high-powered wireless adapter for Macs that offers up to four times the range of standard Apple-branded Airport wireless cards. The Wi-Fi adapter combines 802.11n compatibility with a powerful 700mW Wi-Fi radio that enables the device to pick up 802.11g and 802.11b signals from long distances.


New Technology Trends For Future Gadgets And Mobile Devices

If all the predictions of the twenty-first century were correct then by now we should be driving flying cars and we should be having robots do our household tasks. Predicting which gadgets and technological devices will change our lives is a task fraught with difficulty. The future predictions are not 100% accurate but they do guide us and help us discover what new gadgets will become the part of our daily lives in future.

Based on the trends of today that include instantaneous communications everywhere and mobile access to e-mails it can be predicted that the future will consist of even faster networks, increased performance of computer processing and storage. Lighter, portable and cheaper high definition screens will be available and the Smartphone will rival today’s desktop PC’s for power and storage. The trends for future gadgets are:

• Miniaturization
• Futuristic, innovative and bold design
• Touch screens
• Using hi technology and hi speed microchips
• Greener gadgets


Miniaturization trend is related to the creation of ever-smaller mechanical, optical, and electronic products and devices. There is an inclination towards constructing and manufacturing ever smaller-scale gadgets due to the desire for size efficiency and mobility. Devices that take less space are more desired than those that are bigger, bulkier and occupy more space. Miniature gadgets are being created because they are convenient to use, easier to carry and easier to store.

Futuristic and innovation design

The future trend for the gadgets is to take up an innovative design or to adopt a combination between a traditional design and a futuristic one. Certainly numerous simple gadgets will be there which will adopt the classic design for those of you who regard simplicity as the new intricacy and who simply do not like using hi tech gadgets.

Touch screens

The coolest items that are in today are touch screens that are used in gadgets like mobile phones, mp4 players, GPS’s, monitors, car mo3 radio’s, LCD TV’s and PDA’s. Touch screens have great popularity and are easy to use thus the future devices must continue using them. Furthermore, using touch screens permits making cheaper yet attractive gadgets.

Using hi technology and hi speed microchips

Electronic gadgets of today would have been impossible to create without this tiny yet powerful chip that has a far-reaching impact. The integrated circuit has transformed yesterday’s machines that used to occupy an entire room into today’s mainframes, minicomputers and desktop PC’s.

The microchip technology plays an important role in the process of miniaturization and making gadgets smaller and faster. The future gadgets will make use of these tiny powerful integrated circuits and make them super fast and super powerful. All these devices are known as hi technology and hi speed gadgets.

Greener gadgets

The future trend will be creating greener gadgets and eco friendly products. People are becoming inclined toward protecting the environment and nature and using environment friendly gadgets. Using gadgets that take up less energy is the trend for new gadgets. Solar power is the mostly used source of energy as it is free to consume and are not dangerous for the environment.


Go Berserk With Gadgets and Gizmos Online

There are some things that you just can’t keep up with. I mean, you can’t really race against time, can you? But, that’s hardly what we are talking about here. Like time, there are certain things that will always outrace you no matter how hard you try, although they are really transcendental in their behaviour. In fact, developmental would be the right word since they are products of technological innovations and stick to the classic routine of improvisation. And that’s how a horde of gadgets and gizmos in various shapes and sizes and harnessing multifarious abilities make their way into the markets.

The last two decades have witnessed the proliferation of various technological developments, giving way to the creation of next-generation gadgets and gizmos that promise to do a whole lot of things. From taking care of your petty household work to providing world-class entertainment on the move, there’s just no end to what these technological wonders can do. And amazingly, it’s always a joyride for the devices as they keep getting better and better every time. No sooner do you begin to get the hang of one such device, another one with refurbished features and abilities takes its place to get you started all over again. But in fact, that’s the fun part for most gizmos freaks who wish to be surprised and amazed at the same time with every consecutive release.

With the amount of rapid development that’s happening in the electronics industry, you need to look at the right place to be informed about the latest buzz, some platform that can amass every bit of information that’s vital in this regard. Judging by the way the Internet has penetrated through every nook and corner of the world, there is no contesting the fact that the virtual space has come across as the perfect place for all kinds of information on a wide variety of areas, including technology. So, when it comes to shopping as well, there couldn’t have been anything better than the online world to hunt for your favourite gadgets and gizmos. So, find your favourite gadgets and gizmos through online shopping. Not only does the Internet open up a wider array of options due to the collaboration of various manufacturers under one roof, you get to shop conveniently from your homes as well. From remote controlled toys, MP3 players, USB gadgets, digital cameras, and iPods to snooker and pool tables, you will find everything in the virtual world and maybe more. No matter what the occasion, these gadgets and gizmos come across as the perfect gift ideas for friends and family members too.


How Latest Gadgets and Technologies Have Changed the World

We cannot live without electricity nor can we survive the whole day without knowing whether which is the latest gadget and technology out in the market for purchase, which would’ve give benefit to businessmen and alike, and at the same time work on our immediate homework or assignment at hand. Basically, we need technology and we are a big part of it already. We live, strive and thrive for information. Gadgets that are invented or produced are debatable. Some of these things are television, telephone, camera, movie camera, microwave oven, video cassette player and recorder, video gaming consoles, Sony’s Walkman, IBM’s personal computer or PC etc,. The latest gadgets include superior versions of DVDs, smart phones, camcorders, laptops, iPods, iPhones, the Blackberry, PCs, computer notebooks, pedometers etc. That modern gadgets have changed the world is a crass understatement. No one wants to go back to the days of no television, no washing machines and certainly, no cell phone; either of these gadgets. Hi-tech gadgets are propagating by the dozen, as companies compete with each other to catch the eyes of gadget freaks or just time-pinched consumers. The fact that everything we see today are run by technology, seems like it brings a big change to all of us. It’s either a change for the betterment or even the worse of everybody.

Because of these latest gadgets and technologies, people have put reading, and books, behind them. They have lost focus on the origin of everything, on how extremely important learning method is. Reading not only helps us to learn vital information, but it also allows us to use our imagination and make our creative mind work. We have begun to call books words like: outdated, useless, and old school which isn’t true. Most of us look at computers and new technology as the latest way to spend our down time and could relax more. We are becoming lazy nowadays. Our whole lives have become covered by the world of quicker and more advanced technology. We are now forgetting the things that we usually do, before these things come out. Learn the basics, as what they say. We learn, but we never forget. Just because of these stuffs, seems like from the beginning our whole life is run by techies already.

On the other hand, majority of high-tech gadgets are extremely mobile and portable; this gives the owner the chance to use it at any time and any place. There are lots of high-tech gadgets that contain multiple capabilities. Gadget owners can use just one or two devices to handle many tasks. High-tech gadgets increase personal and professional productivity. High-tech gadgets pave the way for new devices to be produced. And again make our lives easy and comfortable to be in.

We all go by our day-to-day lives doing the same actions at the same time each day. Latest gadgets and technologies really play a big role on our society today that gives a huge impact to our lives.


The Latest Emerging Gadgets and Technology

There are numerous gadgets being created for the next coming years to help people, for fun and others for more practical purposes. Many have been created to change our household comfort, safety and weekend entertainment.

Australia, a continent known for it’s hot weather, over the last few years has been trying to develop new ways to save water. Caroma launched their water saving invention last year with the waterless urinal, called the H2Zero. It caused quite a splash at the Australian 2007 design awards. It is estimated that every flush wastes two litres of water. The H2Zero wastes none.

The design is different from other versions, which had problems with excessive urinal smells and noises that sounded like “a build up of waste matter.” The H2Zero flushes these problems away with an airtight separation unit as well as a deodorising block in the main cartridge just in case.

If companies start installing these water-saving urinals, Australia should save gallons of water. Hopefully with designs like this emerging in the country, water problems will dry up.

Another gadget, which is helping with small but painful problems, is the latest model iRobot. Reports have shown that ladder related accidents in America have hit the ceiling. Apparently falling off ladders has caused more deaths than shark attacks. The way iRobot helps is that it cleans out gutters. This means that homeowners will only have to get on the ladder twice, once to place the iRobot in the gutter and a second time to lift him out. The iRobot has an attachable belt clip so homeowners use both hands when climbing.

The iRobot, created by Rooba Vacuum, blasts dirt, leaves and mess in the gutter, as well as brushes it way. The owner drives the iRobot with the use of a remote control from underneath. For those accident-prone homeowners, this is definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully Rooba will develop the design and further steps will be taken to improve the model.

For something a little less practical, investigate the new submarine, created by Uboatworx. The Dutch based company has recently launched two submarines, a one-seater and a two-seater, for the general public. Owners of the submarine have to undertake a three-day course, including an exam so they don’t end up sleeping with the fishes.

The submarine can travel at a speed of 3.5 mph a second. For navigation, the controls have a joystick so drivers can go in any direction. Before you dive right in, just note the submarine only goes down 50 meters and has enough air for 150 minutes.

There are other inventions in the pipeline to be produced this year or in 2009. Gadgets to look forward to include a transparent toaster and milk packaging that changes colour. Why would you want to see milk package change colours? Well, for when it goes off. I won’t give away what colour it turns, as I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you.


Cool Personal Safety Gadgets and Technology to Keep You Safe and Your Wealth Secure!

If one were to go through some crime related statistical data of our country, then they will be for a shock. Here’s some of the statistics to shock you further.

• Every minute, 3 violent crimes take place in the country!
• Every half an hour, a murder is committed!
• Robberies are like fast food – 1 each minute!
• Physical assaults – 2 every minute!
• Vehicle Theft? 3 every minute!

If those numbers were of any indication, you must know that times are not good and therefore you need to be committed for your own safety more than the government is for you! Here are some of the coolest technologies that have helped us to be in charge of our own safety. All these gadgets and equipments are a part of intelligent technology that has graced our lives today, for good.

• Pepper Spray: For ladies and children alike, this is one of the best self protection equipments ever. It is non lethal as much as it is the best crime deterrent in our hands. When properly used on eyes of the criminal, it can temporarily blind the criminal and in some cases can even blind them!

• Stun Guns: It is fantastic to know how much we have progressed in terms of technology that we can carry mini equipment in our purse that has more than a 1000V of electric potential in it. Stun guns have electrical charge in stored potential energy form and are one of the best non-lethal yet effective pieces of self defense equipment.

• Motion Detection Technology: With advancing technology, motion detection is a cool technology that is being used to give more realism to home entertainment systems and even gaming. This technology has now been introduced in cameras that can also sound alarm in case of any untoward movement of possible criminals. More than its lethality, it is a powerful crime deterrent tool.

• Intelligent Safes: How about safes that do not look like one at all, or even such safes that keep changing their passkeys randomly every second? Sounds straight from the texts of science fiction? But lo behold! This technology is very much in use today with the best electronics used in home safety today.

• A little help from ‘Bond’: Spy Gadgets are the best ‘sting’ gadgets that have been made available to us. Not all spy gadgets are for public use, but the ones that have been made available for us are powerful enough to catch anyone red-handed!

Gadgets that Deter Criminals

• Dummy Cameras: Imagine what kind of shock a criminal is in for in the event of finding a camera (albeit a dummy one) recording all his anti-social activities! The first step to deterring criminals is to place dummy cameras in such a place where the criminal manages to ‘find’ it!

• Metal Detectors: Metal detectors ensure that criminals cannot carry weapons or potential hazardous weapons beyond a certain point and are a great crime deterrent tool!


Gadgets and Technology

Gadgets and Gizmos have become a major part of human life. Many things are incomplete with a gadget in the day to day life and more and more people are getting addicted to the new Gadgets.

Gadgets are small objects that are technically driven and help us to complete work in a fast pace. Today gadgets have taken the prime role in society be it at home or work or play. Technology has progressed so high that people are replaced by gadgets. In some countries you will find robots that do the work that you and I could have done. For instance, there is a restaurant in Hong Kong where there are no human waiters to serve the customers but there are robots who actually do the work. Two robots work together on one table. The first robot is a male and the second is a female. The male robot takes all the orders and the female robot serves the ordered food and later collects the empty dishes. It’s really wonderful to have the robots working in the restaurant says the owner as many mistakes and mishaps like forgetting the orders; delivering plates on wrong table and so on can be avoided. This is just one example of the use of gadgets in our life.

Lately technology is seen to enter the homes of common man with a robotic maid for household chores. The electronic gadget is referred as a onetime investment for long service at home. The robotic maid is designed to do to daily work at home like cleaning, serving etc. The gadget is well designed and the owner can save in various commands and use the tool as a helping hand. We really hope technology makes such amazing gizmos in order to help mankind.